Fashion Hair Colors


Have you ever thought about having a fun fashion hair color? Well, what is a fashion color? That means all of those beautiful vivid or pastel colors that are all over social media.

With fashion hair color coming in a rainbow spectrum you have so much to choose from and endless possibilities! Here at Steller Hair Company, we love to make your hair color dreams come true. But, to be very honest, it is a process! Just like when you would color pictures as a child on construction paper, the same principles apply to your hair. Coloring with purple marker on brown construction paper doesn’t look like purple. That is because of the two colors mixing together make the color dark and muddy. In order to have the truest pigment show you need white paper! Same goes for hair. You need to pre-lighten hair to a very light blonde (sometimes almost white) to have the best results.

Depending on how dark your hair is, this may take multiple lighting sessions in order to get your hair to where it can support the color of your dreams. So, now that we know the process of how to get a fashion color hair, we can discuss maintenance. Fashion hair color is a direct dye. This means the color sits on the surface of your hair, it is not a permanent hair color and does not permanently change the color of your hair. That being said, it fades at a much faster rate than the permanent and demi-permanent dyes that you might be more familiar with. It is very important to wash your hair with color protecting shampoo in cold water. Yes, cold water! This will help it stay vibrant a lot longer. The less you wash your hair, the longer it will last as well. So! Become best friends with a great dry shampoo.

Did you know that the sun and heat styling can also fade your hair quicker? Make sure to use a uv protecting product or wear a cute hat when outside! Also, we 110% recommend using a heat protectant styling product with an sort of heat styling (blow dry, curling iron, or flat iron). The best part of your fashion color fading is to embrace the fade! It sounds crazy, but trust us! It’s like getting a new hair color every time you wash your hair. Every shampoo will bring out new dimensions and depths to your beautiful colorful locks . Next, how often should you come into the salon to maintain your color? That all depends on how often you wash your hair. We recommend coming in at least every 4–6 weeks, but that is also something your stylist will help you with! All of the products that were mentioned above are available for you at the salon.

We can’t wait to make your rainbow hair dreams come true, so come see us at Steller Hair Company to discuss what is the best color option for you!

Salon 101Matthew Taylor