Choosing the Right Service

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Let’s chat a little bit about choosing the correct service that is best for you. It can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which service will best suit you, especially when it comes to color. When choosing a color service, it's important to ask yourself these questions: How often do I plan on coming in to the salon to maintain the color? Do I want something that is low maintenance or am I comfortable with a more high maintenance option? Do I want a solid color, or do I want dimension, or both? Do I need a retouch color with my balayage? Do I need a full color with my foils?

See, it can get confusing! But don’t worry, we are here to help you! On our services page, you will see the different descriptions of every color service that we offer! If you still have further questions or are unsure about anything, feel free to call the salon and our front desk staff would be happy to set you up a free consultation!

Once you decide to book a service with us, there are two ways that you can do that. The first one is the good ol fashion way of picking up your phone and giving us a call! We pride ourself is having the best front desk team and they would be more than happy to help you. Or you can book your appointment online, whatever is more convenient for you!

Now that you have your appointment all set up, you may notice that some of our stylist’s have different price points for their services. There are a few reasons for that. The prices reflect level of education, how long they have been a stylist, their experience, and if they are an independent renter or not. Regardless of price, all of our stylists are the best of the best! If you are unsure who to book with, check out each stylist’s bio and get to know them a little bit better.

Thank you for booking with Steller Hair Co. We can’t wait to do your hair!

Steller Hair Co Team

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