Salon Manager

Pang was born and raised in south Minneapolis, where her heart will go on, and on.  She stumbled upon working in the salon industry as a receptionist in Minneapolis way back in the good ol’ days of 2005.  Instantly, she fell in love with the daily interactions and connections made with all types of people from all types of backgrounds.  It was the relationships and experiences with these humans that kept her interested.  After years of growing her customer service background into managerial territory, with the help of the universe and perfect alignment of the stars, she landed in the waiting area of Steller Hair Company in the fall of 2018. Most wouldn’t even call this an “interview”.  As a matter of fact, let’s just call it (beautifully twisted) fate.

When Pang isn’t at Steller ensuring every person’s time is a genuine experience filled with laughter and the contagious kindness that Katie spreads like rapid fire within these walls, she is at home with her amazing kids (an adventurous bookworm daughter and incredible wild beast of a son) and husband.  You may then find them out playing disc golf in the summer, ice hockey in the winter, or eating the best of the greasiest foods in a picnic at the park.