Steller x Amika


Here at Steller Hair, we are committed to provide our services and products that reflect who we are as business, what represents us best as hairstylists, and what we want to contribute to society as people.

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying a product line that is a representation of our values (as stylists AND humans).

Welcome to Amika

Amika is a high performance style line. Curly hair? We’ve got you. Straight hair? We can’t wait to introduce some volume-magic!  No matter who you are, what your hair-type, we are committed to finding your best Amika fit.  

Not only is Amika rad for styling, it is kind to your hair, budget and the environment.  This product line introduces an approachable price point ($19-$29) that makes you feel good. Why? Because, not only is it Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free; Amika doesn't allow MIT, MCI, Phalates or Artificial Colors into their products.

On a “small business” note:  Steller Hair is able to purchase Amika from a family- owned distributor that is based in Minnesota.  Beauty Craft gives us personal connection, educational opportunities, and the ability to order when/what we need.  We are proud to support, and be supported by, local companies that make our community better. 

Have questions?  We have answers! If we don’t, we will find them!


“Instead of purveying unattainable perfection we believe in an idiosyncratic and totally individual version of beauty. The result is a culture of Inclusion and Positivity, all while delivering puddles of fun and a sunny disposition from looking at our packaging”. -Amika

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