The Steller Kindness Project
Design // Taylor DesignWorks

Design // Taylor DesignWorks


Back in September of 2017, Katie was feeling the heaviness of the sadness and pain happening in the world.  It felt like every time she logged into her social media there was another story of hate, pain, and devastation. The constant stream of tragic stories fueled her hopes for a better world. If fear is contagious, why cant kindness be? We can’t (and shouldn’t) ignore the sad stories, but what if we started mixing in stories of hope, kindness, and inspiring people in our community? Why don’t we shine a brighter light on those stories?

Katie put this question out on her social media:

“Tell me a story.  Tell me about someone who has impacted your life, and inspired you with their quiet acts of kindness”

The messages that started pouring in made it clear that there is a deep need to be reminded that being kind is never a wasted action, and the impact can create a ripple effect of good.

Design // Taylor DesignWorks

Design // Taylor DesignWorks

What is the Steller Kindness Project? 

The Steller Kindness Project is a platform to share stories of quiet acts of kindness.  We want to celebrate people who are positively impacting others, sometimes without even realizing it. This project is meant to inspire.  We believe that if we want to see macro changes in our word, it needs to start on a micro level.  It starts with showing up and being kind to the person right in front of you.

How does the Steller Kindness Project work?

We start with a nomination.  It is so powerful when someone authentically shares the impact another person has had on their life.  We ask that people “nominate” someone for the project, which means sharing why/how their kindness matters.

We invite the nominee to be a part of our project, and set up a time for them to come in to Steller Hair Company for any hair service(s) of their choosing! In a world full of social media and indirect connection, we love the opportunity to sit down with someone in person and have an organic conversation about who they are, the impact of kindness, and what inspires them to show up in the way they do.  

But wait, there’s more…

What started out as an idea with clear game plan, quickly grew into something that people wanted to learn more about and get involved in.  Steller Kindness has been an avenue to organize cut-a-thons, community events, collecting/delivering donations, and supporting other ventures of kindness and generosity.  We are excited to have a new idea in the works, be sure to keep an eye out for the Red Chair Project!

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